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21세기 친환경 LED 아크릴 POP 사업에 압장서는 기업 다산에이디


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We are the leading company of eco friendly business with LED and Acrylic POP

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Devotion to the development
    of new items and best quality
    services for customers
  • Global Business Management
    Trying to develop human resources
    for Global Business Management
  • Green Industry Management
    We fullfill the green growth of low
    carbon by developing the high
    efficiency and eco-friendly LED
DASAN AD is professional company of LED and ACRYLIC POP

DASAN AD has supplied competitive items since 1982 as specializing in LED MODULE, LED CHANNEL SIGN & ACRYLIC P.O.P.
We have accelerated the development of cutting edge and eco friendly material for better quality and technology.

DASAN AD is making effort to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Finally we contribute bright future of the world by creating new design and technology.

Based on long experience and know how, we could get CE and KS certification. We will provide creative service for customer to get win win situation.
Customer impression is first priority of our company. We will do our best to satisfy customer’s requirement as the best providers of quality goods and service.
As the result of promoting brand value for domestic market and global market, we are making business cooperation with government office and major company such as Samsung, SK, Nongsim, Jinro. We will be the first class company of LED MODULE, LED CHANNEL SIGN & ACRYLIC P.O.P by active research and development and various items.